UNS 44600 stainless steel

UNS 44600 stainless steel

UNS 44600  stainless steel is resistant to high temperature corrosion and does not produce easily peeling scale below 1082 °C for combustion chambers.

UNS 44600 stainless steel Introduction

1. Summary

Compared with 445, high Cr, low carbon, and Mo add high corrosion resistance.

2, characteristics

1) high corrosion resistance;

2) weather resistance;

3) high intensity;

4) Magnetic;

5) It cannot be hardened by heat treatment.

Scope of application Stainless steel for exterior materials for large public buildings in coastal and industrial areas.

UNS 44600 stainless steel Chemical composition (wt%)

Grade 446

C 0.007

Cr 25.7

P 0.012

S 0.007

Mo 0.8

N 0.01

Mn: 0.2


UNS 44600 stainless steel Performance

Grade 446



EL 30

HV 167

UNS 44600 stainless steelPhysical properties

Density (g/cm3) 7.75

UNS 44600 stainless steel status of use

1) Annealing solution state:

2D, 2B, and other surface treatment states.

Heat treatment

Melting point: 1425~1510 °C; solution treatment: 760~830 °C.