What is the difference between steel and stainless steel?

 For the difference between ordinary steel and stainless steel, we certainly want to know, today, we will explain the shiny stainless steel. Ordinary steel is actually carbon steel, also known as iron carbon alloy. According to the carbon content can be divided into low carbon steel, medium carbon steel and cast iron. The stainless steel in the market generally chromium content greater than 12.5%, stainless steel has a very high acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is generally divided into martensite, ferrite and austenite. So the difference between ordinary steel and stainless steel is still very big.

Now the more common stainless steel market has two kinds, one is austenitic stainless steel, also known as nickel stainless steel, second stainless steel is martensite, also called stainless iron, but the term stainless iron is not scientific. Stainless steel in the general addition of high chromium and nickel, so the internal structure of the steel will be a kind of austenitic state of the organization, the organization is not magnetic. So this kind of stainless steel is generally used as decorative material. The martensitic stainless steel is generally used to make scissors type, this stainless steel is generally through the heat treatment to make changes in the internal organization, so the organization has magnetic. From here we can know the methods of judging the true and false stainless steel can not simply used to identify whether the stainless steel with magnetic.

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