Single Metal High Finned Tube|Copper Nickel High Finned Tube

The single metal high finned tube can reach up to 8~10mm and the ribbed area is 5-15 times of the branch pipe. It can be widely used in food drying, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, air cooling and other industries. It has broad prospects for waste heat recovery equipment in refrigeration and air conditioning. The material can be copper, copper alloy, aluminum and aluminum alloy. Finned tube parameters are as follows:

Outer diameter: 20 ~ 56mm

Inner diameter: 8mm ~ 32mm

Fin height: ~ 12mm

Fin pitch: 2 ~ 5mm

Fin thickness: 0.3 ~ 0.7mm

Bottom thickness: greater than 1.0mm

Surface area ratio of outer diameter to inner diameter: greater than 9 of the top of the form.

Material: aluminum or aluminum alloy

Customized finned tubes can be made according to the specific requirements of customers.

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