Inconel 600, UNS NO6600, W.Nr.2.4816, alloy600, NA14

Inconel 600, UNS NO6600, W.Nr.2.4816, alloy600, NA14

600 alloy is a nickel-chromium-iron base solid solution strengthening alloy. It has good high temperature corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, excellent cold-hot working and welding process performance, and satisfactory thermal strength and high plasticity below 700 C. The alloy can be reinforced by cold working, or can be connected by resistance welding, fusion welding or brazing.

Corrosion resistance

The 600 alloy is corrosion-resistant to various corrosive media. The composition of chromium makes the alloy have better corrosion resistance than nickel 99.2 (alloy 200) and nickel 99.2 (alloy 201, low carbon) under oxidation conditions. At the same time, high nickel content makes the alloy have good corrosion resistance in reducing conditions and alkaline solution, and can effectively prevent stress corrosion cracking of chlorine-iron.

600 alloy has good corrosion resistance in acetic acid, acetic acid, formic acid, stearic acid and other organic acids, and medium corrosion resistance in inorganic acid. High purity water used in nuclear reactors once and two times is excellent.

Corrosion resistance.

The outstanding performance is resistance to dry chlorine and chlorine.

The corrosion of hydrogen is applied at 650 degrees centigrade. At high temperatures, the annealed and solution-treated alloys have good anti-oxidation and exfoliation properties and high strength in air.

The alloy can also resist ammonia, nitriding and carburizing atmosphere, but it will be corroded by some oxidizing medium when the oxidation and reduction conditions change alternately.

Standard of execution

Tape / plate ASTMB168 ASTM B906


Chemical composition Typical values (Weight%)

Sheet: hot rolling annealing










physical property

Melting point: 1370-1425 C

Density: 8.4 g/cm3

Magnetism: no