Japan May exports of stainless scrap up by 4.8% MoM

According to data released by Japan’s Ministry of Finance, Japan’s exports of stainless scraps totaled 17,188 tonne, rising by 4.8% from a month ago.

Meanwhile, the country’s export prices of stainless scraps averaged at JPY 125,910 per tonne in May, falling by 7.7% from a month earlier.

Among them, 9,950 tonne were made to Korea, increasing by 17.5%; those to Taiwan were at 5,479 tonne, rising by 11.3% and those to China were at 761 tonne, slumping by 60.8%, all compared to those in April.

In the first 5 months of this year, the country’s exports of stainless scraps amounted to 87,453 tonne.