Stainless steel strip----stoppage of manganese stainless, pathos for Nickel stainless

Stainless steel Strip----stoppage of manganese stainless, pathos for Nickel stainless 

Stainless steel raw material prices 
Nickel-iron: Last weekend overnight LME nickel electronic opening $ 14,086 / ton, up $ 14,086 / ton, the lowest $ 13,750 / ton, closing $ 13,789 / ton, down 316 yuan / ton, down 2.24 percent. Accentuated decline in LME nickel prices back to $ 14,000 / ton below the premise of today's Shanghai spot nickel price, down 1,500 yuan / ton, Jinchuan Nickel plate prices fell 1,800 yuan / ton, the current nickel plate prices to 97,500 yuan / ton to 98,700 yuan small barrels / ton, while the high-nickel-iron quote today remained stable, medium and low nickel-iron price rose. 
  Manganese: Today, manganese manganese Triangle region temporarily stable prices, transactions in general, mainstream factory price is as follows: Hunan, Guizhou, Chongqing current factory price at 12,500 yuan / ton, Guangxi factory price of 12,600 yuan / ton, the market price of 12,600 - 13,100 yuan / ton, unchanged compared with the previous day. 
    Ferrochrome: Today, high-carbon ferrochrome prices vulnerable to stabilize, the current mainstream factory price in 6750 ~ 6800 yuan / 50 base ton, the mainstream factory-tax price in 6700 yuan / ton 50 groups, and traders offer more in 6950 yuan / 50 base ton, South Africa, 42% powder Lianyungang quoted in the mainstream 28 yuan / ton degrees, Oman 32% lump ore mainstream offer more in 33 yuan / ton degrees, Turkey 42% lump ore mainstream offer more in 48 ~ 49 yuan / ton degrees. 
Today, hot-rolled prices 
    201 hot rolled narrow: Today, Foshan stainless steel hot rolled narrow market prices overall stability maintenance, 201 semi-tax price of copper in the 7600-7750 mainstream yuan / ton; 201 high copper mainstream tax offer 8250 yuan / ton; one meter hot band incl. offer 7800 yuan / ton. Wah Lok steel plant areas today announced the price of 100 yuan / ton, the tax price 7800 yuan / ton. But other mills temporarily on hold, who still entertained, surrendering to continue. In the market, that can rise naturally good, but the prices are substantially more difficult. The Chinese music is concerned, due to the extremely small amount of goods and Foshan have been too long is not available, the role of the market price adjustment more difficult to feel the real impact. Waste shipments will aggravate side, the price being gone loose, but it will lead to the production of intermediate expansion of charge, thereby affecting the refined material. No substantial increase in demand before the price increases are coupled with a short drive and short-nickel system caused by the scarcity of resources, and now nickel-based callback strong intensity, side effects will spread, 201 four feet big board though also tried to price increases, they are all deeply underpowered, narrowband is no exception. Recent manganese prices stable, low nickel-iron stock prices, considering the expected 201 hot-rolled prices stable within a short time-based. 

    304 hot rolled narrow: LME nickel previous day as a result of decline in early trading today 304 hot-rolled prices fell today 304 hot rolled narrow mainstream excluding tax price down to 13100-13400 yuan / ton, Southwest board Mainstream does not offer tax 14,000 yuan / ton. Most businesses currently holding the hands of the spot market, devaluation makes transactions blocked, Foshan, near some traders also said that in recent days has order delivery, arrived in the hands of new resources in limbo, I am truly anxious. Really should be a phrase, prices after additional orders as traders often taken advantage of. Of course, some happy others are sad, unhappy to sell stock traders, the music worked out orders for steel mills and merchants, decline in value, and take the goods are in the pay orders, cash in hand heart is very calm, some merchants case relieved. What is more, the market's appetite has spawned Paohuo wishes, currently there is no more demand growth, the business is still depending on LME nickel as a reference to determine their sales policy, so the market has returned to the previous pattern. Expected that the recent price still room for downward adjustment. 

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