Cupro Nickel Flange

The Cupro Nickel Flange is extensively demanded in different other industries.Copper Nickel C70600 (90/10) and C71500 (70/30) flanges proven to be very resistant to seawater, brine water, organic compounds, salts, diluted non-oxidizing acids, and more. Due to a high resistance towards marine organisms such as barnacles, Copper Nickel is commonly used in seawater piping systems.


Composite and solid flanges are available in standard sizes machining those of the relevant pipes and butt welding fittings.Non-standard size flanges are produced to certain minimum quantity limitations available on application. 


This product is checked for quality under different parameters, which are set by the industry. This product is designed by our trained professionals using latest techniques and premium quality material. Our product is available in reliable in nature, robust in construction and known for their long functional life.



High strength

Excellent performance

Efficient working




Seawater piping systems

Pressure vessels piping outlets


FLANGES FOR C70600/C71500

Slip-on, threaded, blind, Weld-neck Flanges

DIN, VG, or EEMUA specifications, DIN 86037, DIN 86036, DIN 2632, DIN 2633, DIN 86033, DIN 86068, VG 88356, VG 85387, and EEMUA publication number 145.


Composite Weld Neck Flanges - Weld Neck Stub Ends and Backing Flanges

Composite Slip-On Flanges - Slip-On Stub Ends and Slip-On Backing Flanges

Solid Weld Neck Flanges

Solid Slip-On Flanges

Composite Blind Flanges

Navy Flanges - 150lbs - 250lbs

Commercial Flanges - 150lbs

ANZAC type Navy Flanges

Butterfly Flanges