Waste heat recovery units (WHRU)

Waste heat recovery units are usually used in cogeneration plants to recover the latent heat in the combustion gases of motors, turbines, incinerators and thermal oxidizers, for example.

Our waste heat recovery units comply with the following regulations:

· European directive 97-23-CE

· Design codes EN-13445, AD-Merkblätter, ASME

· Regulation on Pressure devices and Additional Technical Instructions from the Department of Industry and energy

· Spanish regulation UNE 9-310 on Facilities transmitting heat by liquids other than water

· German regulation DIN-4754 on Facilities transmitting heat

· Regulation EN-14122, Safety with machines

· Every waste heat recovery unit is designed and manufactured according to the needs of every process. For its sizing, we need to know the energy available to be recovered, or the fume flow and temperature, which is the same.

We designs the entire waste heat system, starting at the source of the exhaust or flue gas stream, manufacturing and engineering all duct work , bypass stacks, gas flow control, burners, and the heat absorption unit. The heat absorption unit may be convection only, convection only with auxiliary firing, or a radiant/convection design, with or without natural draft operational capability at full or partial load, depending on the requirements of each waste heat application.


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• Turbine Exhaust Heat Recovery Equipment

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