Steel factory guidance price or market price decline has been reduced!

Today, the market continued to decline in the stainless steel whirlpool, not yesterday's plunge! Whether it is the price of steel or market price guidance has decreased!

Due to the decline in the value of the fatigue, it is gratifying that, there is no shortage of individual agents began to price!
Steel price, private stable!
Steel prices fell sharply yesterday, today, a smaller decline, private stabilization.
Hong Wang 201, 304 cold stable. Even if the Anshan Iron and Steel Group LH cold rolled down 300 yuan / ton, Wuxi, Foshan reported two yuan / ton, but only a kind of fill down!
Today, the 304 and 201 peak prices were steady price!
201 cold rolling
Today, the Wuxi market, the market price has been stable 201 cold rolling mill! Today, the price is for the agent trader yesterday most flat price!
However, a large number of 201 cold rolling agent offer has been very low pressure, Angang LH cold-rolled reported at $9250 / ton, Wang Wang at 9100 yuan / ton! Honesty can be as low as 9000 yuan / ton. Cold rolling has been 9000 of the offer, then the futures are also a little awkward for the 9000!
The agent said that the current price is already low! If the price is low in Foshan, but the price is That's all. 201 cold rolling mill! So, today, Wuxi, Foshan, 201 of the two cold rolling has been on the price!
201 Where is the bottom line?
Since 201 has been close to the cold rolling of 9000 yuan / ton, hot rolling is also difficult to maintain stability, the Wuxi market hot rolling, the amount of resources has been to go to 8900 yuan / ton, the hot spot due to less than four feet of hot spot, quoted at $8800 / ton in five!
Wuxi 201 hot rolling resources, relatively high in Foshan, the Foshan market has gone to the hot rolling 8600-8700 yuan / ton, due to the hot and cold space is compressed, to return to the normal spread of space, hot rolling pressure! There will be no bottom line, continue to go down, it is hard to say! But many agents said that the price is too much loss, can not fall!
When the price falls, agents do not know how to price, the customer was robbed of high blink, low, his loss can not stand, but also to pay their own losses! A steel mill supervision, downstream customers a bargain one after another! The test is really psychological endurance! Prices really hurts, so today, agent selling phenomenon has converged a lot!
Is it down to the end?
Today, Wuxi, Foshan 304 market decline has slowed down, although still large steel prices plummeted, but mostly for shortening and private steel price, convenient delivery, Wuxi, Foshan and two private steel mills seems to have stabilized signs of stabilizing.
Foshan market, but also from the beginning of yesterday afternoon, many of the 304 private areas began to fall steadily in the end it?
"I heard that there are 13800, 13900 cold rolling resources!"
"I want to buy ah, why do I ask the minimum to 14000 yuan / ton,"
"Yesterday afternoon, we have a strong cold rolling price, and there is no less than 14000 of the price, it is only an individual specification of 13900!"
Private resources today Wuxi 304 market, the decline in 100 yuan / ton, the mainstream price at 13900-14000 yuan / ton.
304 futures profits, spot a little bit!
Today I learned from the market, the stock market thanks to 304 not many businesses are selling futures, then cash very price, profit space is very limited, and the futures market, the limited purchasing power, do not tend to hoard goods, then the agent will have none, stimulate the purchase.
I found that many private resources agency initiative to timely provision of the brake, on the one hand from the mills "no lower than the cost of sales, such as the default will cancel the rebate and agency qualification" constraints, also aware of a "decline", the market outlook is pessimistic, is not conducive to the future sales.