TISCO Stainless Steel Plates for tank grab the commanding heights of the domestic market accounted for 80%

 In the face of fierce market competition, as one of the key varieties of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Company's stainless steel cold-rolled steel market share for many years to maintain the domestic market share of the first, has now reached more than 80%, become a large number of domestic market TISCO The "first" family of important members.

A container is a kind of container used to carry the goods when the sea, land and air are transported in different modes of transport. Container transportation is the development direction of freight, which is of great significance to reduce the cost of comprehensive logistics and improve the efficiency and efficiency of domestic and international supply chain. Containers can be divided into many categories according to different uses. Tank container is a special container for the transportation of liquid goods such as food, medicine, fuel oil, chemicals and so on. Therefore, it is also called liquid container. Its structure is characterized by fixing a liquid tank in a metal frame. Due to the long-term sea transport of tank containers, coupled with the transport of more than a strong corrosive, so the tank made of stainless steel manufacturing mainstream.
The rapid development of container transport has led to the prosperity of the container manufacturing industry, to provide opportunities for material manufacturers. Before 2007, domestic tank containers and their manufacturing materials all rely on imports. From 2008 onwards, the domestic trial tank container started. After a few years, a number of tank-type container production line in the country have been completed and put into production, the demand for stainless steel materials also increased rapidly. Adapt to the development trend of the tank container industry, TISCO and the domestic container manufacturing industry leader in strategic cooperation, joint research and development tank with stainless steel products to accelerate the replacement of imported products.
Tank container manufacturers on the performance of stainless steel and surface requirements are extremely strict, innovative technology, improve the level of quality control is the key. TISCO composed of stainless steel tank products production and marketing research integration team, has carried out a series of technology research, breakthrough one by one technical difficulties, successfully opened up the process line. The whole line to strengthen the production organization and quality tracking control, excellence, to create quality, and ultimately the successful development of high-performance, high-quality tank with stainless steel products, and the rapid formation of "tailored" characteristics of the batch production capacity, Since the monopoly of foreign products in the field, the success of alternative imports. Tank with stainless steel cold-rolled plate has thus become a number of TISCO "first starting with the first" typical representative of the product. At present, TISCO has become the main supplier of stainless steel materials for the three major tanker manufacturers.
It is understood that tank containers in addition to the full benefits of containerized transport, compared with the general mode of transport, can increase the shipment of 45%, at the same time with fast, safe, environmentally friendly, beautiful and other prominent advantages. To this end, the world's increasingly developed countries to implement the tanker transport instead of barrel transport, the domestic container transport industry is also vigorously promoting intensive, environmentally friendly transport, tank with stainless steel materials, the prospects are very broad.