Industrial valve and flange

1. Sanitary valve and fitting

 A. Sanitary butterfly valve

Sanitary thread/weld ends butterfly valve; Sanitary butterfly valve clamp ends; Sanitary butterfly valve Thread ends; Sanitary wafer butterfly valve; Sanitary 3PC butterfly valve; Sanitary butterfly valve weld ends; Sanitary flange butterfly valve

B. Sanitary ball valve

Sanitary butterfly-type ball valve clamp ends; Sanitary ball valve clamp ends, 2-PC; Sanitary zero-retention ball valve; Sanitary clamp ends butterfly-type ball valve

C. Sanitary diaphragm valve

Sanitary triplet (pneumatic/U-type) commucation diaphragm valve;

D. Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve ( Clamp ends/Welded ends)

E. Sanitary check valve

Sanitary check valve thread end; Sanitary thread (weld) ends check valve;

F. Sanitary fitting

Sanitary Movable Union (Welded Elbow/Welded Tee/ clamp Tee


Material quality: SUS304   SUS316L 

Standard: DINSMSISO 

Specification: DN20-150, 1”-6”

 2. Industrial ball valve

 Ball valve, 1-PC (2-PC/3-PC ) type, 3-PC type with mounting pad; Flange ends 2PC; Gate valve, flange end; Gate valve, screw end; Check valve; Globe valve, flange end; Globe valve screwed end; Butterfly valve; Y strainer; Needle valve

 3. Industrial flange

Welding neck flange; Threaded (screwed) flange; Slip-on flange; Lap joint flange; Blind flange; Socket welding flange


Material: Ductile Iron, Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Alloy

Specification: ANSI, BS, DIN, JIS

 4. Industrial fitting

Quick-couplings; Elbow 90/45 equal banded F/F; Elbow 90/45 welded; Tee banded; Union conical joint F/F(Union flat seat with Teflon gasket F/F); Hexagon Nipple (NPT/PT); Hexagon nipple reducing; Hexagon plug, taper/parallel (conical) thread; Square plug; Socket (coupling) banded; Socket (coupling) plain; Tube support