Extruded Fin Tubes

Extruded Finned Tubes


Base Tube O.D

Base Tube
Thickness (mm)

Fin Height

Fin Thickness(mm)

Fin Pitch(mm)

10 mm ~38 mm

1.0 mm ~3.0 mm

6.35 mm ~ 32 mm

0.8 mm ~ 4.0 mm

2.1 mm ~ 6.0 mm

Base Tube Material

Fin Material

Tube Length (Mtr)

Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel,
Copper Alloy

Aluminum (Standard) or Copper

≤ 15Mtrs


Extruded finned tubes provide the most stable performance over time as compared to the other fin types.

The fin is rolled from an outer aluminum tube by a process using pressure to create a rolled "pressure bond" between the liner tube and fins.

The aluminum fin material completely encloses the tube, except at the ends where a tube coating can be applied.