Finned Tube----High Frequency Welded Serrated Fin Tube

Serrated Fin Tube


Finned Tube----High Frequency Welded Serrated Fin Tube


Base Tube O.D

Base Tube Thickness (mm)

Fin Height

Fin Thickness(mm)

Fin Pitch(mm)

22 mm ~219 mm

2.0 mm ~16 mm

10 mm ~ 32 mm

0.8 mm ~ 4.0 mm

2.8 mm ~ 20 mm

Base Tube Material

Fin Material

Tube Length (Mtr)

Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel and Corrosion-resistance Steel

Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel and Corrosion-resistance Steel

≤ 25Mtrs

Helical Finned Tubes provide the designer with high thermal efficiency and compact design solutions for a whole range of heat exchangers where clean flue gases are encountered. Helical finned Tubes are manufactured in both Solid and Serrated win profiles. 

Helical Serrated Finned Tubes are manufactured by helically wrapping continuous serrated fin strip on edge around the tube circumference and consistence welding the fin strip to the tubes. Before being formed around the tube, the fin strip is serrated crosswise from one edge to within 6.35mm of the other edge, leaving an uncut portion that will become a continuous base for the fin segments. The edge will become the outer edge of the fin segments. The interval between cuts (which determines the segment width after the strip is formed around the tube) may be specified as either 4mm or 8mm. After being cut, the fin strip is held under tension and confined laterally as it is formed around the tube, thereby ensuring forceful contact with the tube surface. The fin strip is wounded spirally onto the tube and welded continuously with a High Frequency Electrical process to the tube along the spiral root. As the fin strip is formed around the tube its outer (serrated) edge spreads, opening the segments like petals of a daisy. A consistence weld is applied at the point where the fin strip first begins to bend around the tube diameter, using the gas metal arc welding process. 

The strong connection between fin and base tube prevents loosening of fin because of heat stress, oxidization, corrosion etc., use at very high temperatures possible. This welded steel finned tubes configuration can be used in practically any heat transfer applications, and particularly suited for high temperature, high pressure applications. The important features of this configuration are efficient, effective bond of fin to tube under any conditions of temperature and pressure, and ability to withstand high fin-side temperatures. 


These tubes are used with a wide range of material such as carbon steel, low alloys steel and stainless steel for corrosive flue gas or high temperatures. The finned tube can supply these tubes shaped in hairpin, with extremities bevelled or flanged.


For a rapid quotation, plz send with following requirement:

Number of pieces, 

Base tube: Diameter, thickness, length and material specification. 

Fins: material specification, type (solid or serrated), height, thickness, spacing, finned length and unfinned sections. Weld prep details if required. 

Delivery period required.

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