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T.S Industrial is distributor of fin tube, finned tube,extruded fin tubes,acero inoxidable, stainless steel, stainless steel sheet, stainless strip, stainless tube, embedded fin tube, prepainted and non-coated aluminum coil,anodized aluminum, aluminum plate, foil and bars, copper alloy tube and special metals. Our products in vary shapes include flat coil, sheet,long tubes and profile bars. For stainless steel products, we supply vary alloys from light to heavy gauge thickness, mainly in 304/304L, 316L, 310s, 2205, Monel 400. For aluminum product, we supply alloy grade from mainly 1005, 3003, 5005, 5052, 5083, 5754. For finned tubes, we supply both extruded fin tube and helical welded finned tubes, which mainly used for heat transfer industry.The specific type as Embedded Fin Tube( L/LL/KL also available),Extruded Fin Tubes,Square Fin Tube (H/Double H Fin),Longitudinal Finned Tubes,Studded Tube and Nailhead Pipe,High Frequency Welded Serrated Fin Tube,High Frequency Welded Solid Fin Tube. For copper alloy tube and pipe fittings, mainly in grade CuNi 70/30, CuNi90/10 and Al-brass. They designed for using in Oil & Gas, Marine, Sea Water Condenser Systems and Desalination Plants. [more]

T.S. Industrial Co.,Ltd.is supplier of fin tubes,finned tube,tubos aletados,Extruded Fin Tubes,Embedded Fin Tube, anodized aluminum, L type Fin tube,stainless steel 304,aceroinoxidable, acero inoxidable, stainless strip

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