Aluminium Bronze UNS C72420

UNS C72420 is a medium-strength precipitation hardened cupronickel alloy supplied in the hot worked condition. It contains about 14.5% nickel and 4.5% manganese strengthened by additions of aluminium and iron, which may be refined by controlled small amounts of chromium.

Specifications: DEF STAN 02-835; NES 835; DOD-C-24676; EB4223A;

UNS C72420

UNS C72420 has the inherent good resistance to bio-fouling of a cupronickel whilst the additional elements in its composition not only improve mechanical properties but also increase resistance to localised corrosion and to impingement attack in seawater. 

NES 835 is an aluminium bronze that has a great strength combined with excellent sea water corrosion and erosion resistance so is used a lot in the marine industry. Also NES835 has been one of the only materials to consistently show no effects of hydrogen embrittlement and also has good stress corrosion cracking with additions of iron in ammonia but the iron content has to be below 1% and the iron has to be retained in the solution.

C72420 Processing and Property:  Excellent hot and cold workability; good forge ability. Fabricated by bending, coining, coppersmith, drawing and upsetting, hot forging and pressing, knurling, roll threading, shearing, spinning, swaging, and stamping.

C72420 Corrosion Resistance: Good to excellent. Susceptible to galvanic corrosion when coupled with iron, aluminum, magnesium, leads, tin, and zinc. Good resistance to atmospheric, brackish water, sea water, and non-oxidizing acid corrosion, but avoid heating in oxidizing atmospheres or exposing to oxidizing acids, moist halogens, sulfides, ammonia, or solutions with ammonium ions.

Purpose: Buying

Price      : CIF Port Klang basis 

Material: ( Cu-Ni-Mn-Al-No) or NES 835 or UNS C72420

Size      : 19.05 mm dia x 1.5 mm thick , 2.8 m length 

Qtty       : 1400