UNS N06690 nickel-based alloy tube

UNS N06690 is a nickel-based alloy containing Ni-Cr as a main component, and the content of anti-oxidation Cr is about 30%. It has both corrosion resistance and heat resistance.

In the corrosive environment of molten silicate glass from 1150 to 1200 °C, it has non-oxidation, non-adhering glass frit, high temperature strength and long service life of 16~18 months.

In September 2012, we received an order for nearly 200 tons of UNS N06690 seamless steel tubes. The finished product is a U-shaped tube of Φ31.75*3.4 (the required straight tube length is 23 meters). This order is for power plants that require corrosion and heat resistance and is a critical component in the thermal conversion process.

In the process of bidding, sample tubes are required to be provided to customers. It takes less than 20 days for Zhongshan Special Steel to complete the finished product from Round Steel and hand over the qualified sample tube to the customer. These 20 days, from raw materials, perforation, grinding, heat treatment, cold processing, pickling, and then U-tube, regardless of the mastery of material properties or the control of the tube process, each step step by step. The customer is very surprised how we can do it in such a short time. This is a long-term focus on the development and production of UNS N06690 and other nickel-based alloy seamless tubes.

After the order was signed, all middle and senior management personnel and technicians held a special meeting on UNS N06690 seamless pipe production. Developed a detailed production plan for the UNS N06690 order; and listed various abnormalities that may occur during the production process, and formulated various solutions for possible abnormalities; stipulated each employee's job responsibilities and strict control of each detail.

After several months of hard work, UNS N06690 has finally been successfully delivered to customers!

The successful delivery of this batch of UNS N06690 seamless pipe fully embodies the nickel-based alloy pipe making process and perfect management system! It fully demonstrates that the production of high-performance nickel-based alloy seamless tubes has reached international standards! It has greatly improved the market competitiveness and popularity in the fields of chemical industry and power plants at home and abroad!