Which parameters have effect on the heat dissipation?

Which parameters have effect on the heat dissipation?

 High frequency welding fin tube, it is also a kind of fin tube. Based on some knowledge content front of existing high frequency welding finned tube, so Xiaobian today in terms of something else, such as fin tube. Only in this way can broaden our knowledge, to increase our knowledge, so we need to seriously study and grasp, perhaps later also to be able to come in handy.

Some of the parameters of the fin tube, what is the impact on the heat? Below small make up to carry on analysis and explanation, let everybody be able to understand clearly.

1. contact resistance
Its influence is very big, if the contact thermal resistance is not good, then the impact of the heat capacity will reach more than 20%.
2. fin height
Fin height increases, then it will increase the heat dissipation area, thereby increasing the amount of heat. However, this also can not blindly increase, but also consider the dimensions of rationality in this regard.
3. fin spacing
Fin spacing becomes smaller, it will increase the amount of heat, but it is not the smaller the better, the spacing is too small, it will bring adverse effects. So in general Lai Anjing, the two tube is 3 - 4mm, four tube is 4 - 5mm, six tube is 5 - 6mm.
4. fin diameter
Fin tube diameter increased, then the heat will increase, but it also has some drawbacks. If the fin height is relatively small, and the distance is relatively small, then the pipe diameter should also take into account the rationality of this aspect.
5. fin root number
Increase the number of fins, although it can also increase the amount of heat, but it will increase the cost and so on, so from the economic aspect to consider the case, is not very cost-effective.

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