Basic knowledge of finned tubes 1

  Basic knowledge of finned tubes


Finned tube

Finned tube is in order to improve the efficiency of heat exchange, usually on surface of the heat exchange tube through the finned tube heat exchanger, enlarging the surface area of heat exchange tube surface area (or within), so as to improve the efficiency of heat exchanger, so a heat exchange tube.


Main performance requirements for finned tubes

The fin tube is used as a heat exchanging element, and is used for a long time under the condition of high temperature flue gas, such as the fin tube of the boiler heat exchanger.

The use of harsh environment, high temperature and high pressure and in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires the fin tube should have a high performance index.

(1).corrosion resistance (Anti-corrosion)

(2). wear resistance (Anti-wear)(3). low thermal contact resistance (contact resistance lower)

(4). high stability (Stability Higher)

(5). anti fouling ability



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