How Much Further Will Copper Rise after RRR Cut in China?

 SHANGHAI, Apr. 20 (SMM) – The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced a one-percentage-point cut in reserve requirement ratio (RRR), effective today, on April 19. Will the RRR cut give another boost to copper market?

“The monetary easing will definitely benefit copper market, and we now see copper to climb to 45,000 yuan per tonne,” chief analyst from COFCO Futures predicts.

Analyst from Guosen Futures agreed with the opinion and told SMM in an interview that the RRR cut will help ease worries triggered by last week’s poor economic releases. “That plus the slower growth in copper inventories during a high demand season will send copper up to 44,500 yuan per tonne, probably heading towards 46,000 yuan.”

However, analyst from Western Futures warned that the easing measures were also a reflection of fragile economy in China. Besides, it may take some time for these measures to produce results. “Thus, we expect copper to meet resistance at 45,000 yuan per tonne.”


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